Get a Clue

UOG doesn’t truly conform to the official standards of orienteering and/or rogaining.  Though the event  borrows many of those standards and ideas, UOG was never intended to be an event that complied with any official/sanctioning requirements.  One aspect of UOG that is similar (but not the same) to orienteering is the use of International Orienteering Federation (IOF) control descriptions. Here is a link to the official IOF Specification for Control Descriptions.   UOG generally follows this specification.  However, UOG control description sheets don’t conform completely, and on rare occasions I have created new symbols , or redefined an existing symbol, to address a unique circumstance for an event.

Here is the UOG Control Description (“clue”) sheet from UOG08.  A great example of what 2015 participants can expect.

You may have noticed the “Orienteering Section” at the bottom of the UOG control description sheet.  This refers to a short orienteering course (controls to be found in a specific order) that was thrown into the middle of the rogaine style event in 2008.   An orienteering section is not planned for 2015, but it is another example of how UOG doesn’t always fit the mold with respect to orienteering and rogaining standards.